Weapon AKM

The AKM found in DayZ Origins.
Damage 4500 Blood
Raw Damage 10
Audible Range 200m
Effective Range 400m
Rounds 30
Fire Modes Single, Full
Slot Primary
Magazines AKM mag

The AKM was adopted by the Soviet military in 1959 to replace the AK-47. Basically still the same gun, the AKM featured a stamped receiver to reduce production costs. Although replaced by the AK-74 in the early 1970s, it remained in use until the 1990s in Russia, and some are still used by the Russian Federation.


The AKM is slightly rarer than the AK-74, but is a superior weapon; It is capable of dropping humans in 2-3 shots, And has zeroing. Although highly inaccurate past 400m, It is perfectly capable of hitting larger targets like vehicles and laying down suppressive fire at up to 800m. It is much louder than the AK-74, But this is a trade off for the superior damage. It can (incorrectly) accept SA-58 magazines, and vice versa.


The AKM is a common Military and Police weapon.