Over View

2013-07-10 00007

The DC3 mid-flight.

The DC3 is a fast large aircraft that is only found in Salvation City (Sector B). Upon finding the plane on the south side of the runway, you will need 2 large jerry cans to refuel it to the point of flying. It requires a rather longer runway for landings and taking off than most planes. It would not be reccomended to land the DC3 in any area apart from airfields or other areas with a large amount of runway. In order to pick up off of any runway, one must be travelling at approximately 80km/h while taking off. In order to turn in the DC3, the estimated speed requirement for said action is 140km/h.The top speed of the DC3 is 327 km/h. It is reccomended that only seasoned pilots operate the pilot's seat of the DC3, as it is regarded to be one of the most difficult aircraft to fly in the DayZ Origins Mod. The DC3's cargo space is fitted for 150 firearms, 500 items, and 150 backpacks. This aircraft will ALWAYS despawn and return to its original location, Sector B, upon a restart. It is not recommended players use the DC3 for long-term purposes.