Overview Edit

Damage 4500 Blood
Raw Damage 9
Audible Range 149.4m
Effective Range 200
Rounds 30
Fire Modes Single, Full auto
Slot Primary
Magazines SA58 Mag

The SA-58V, also known as the VZ. 58, is a Slovakian assault rifle which uses 7.62x39mm. Although it looks similar to the AK base, it uses entirely different internals and is based on a 'short-stroke gas piston'. This variant of the SA-58 uses a folding stock, unlike the SA-58P which uses a full wood stock. The SA-58V features single fire and full auto modes, which makes it useful for short and medium-range engagements. However, the weapon is effective up to 200m.

Location Edit

The SA-58V is known to spawn in Military areas.