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Weapons & EquipmentEdit

  • Players can modify their weapons by adding different scopes, suppressors, high capacity magazines.
  • Custom snipers, perhaps scopes for guns like the SKS and Mosin (Only DMR as reliable sniper gets annoying)
  • More interaction with your weapons, perhaps paint them with a rare stencil? Add more modifications and allow more customization for your guns with (as posted above) scopes, suppressors, higher capacity mags, grenade launchers (Almost like DayZ vanilla) and more High powered scopes.

Player ActionsEdit

  • Allow players to self bloodbag. <-- (Find a server that lets u do that)
  • Players tumble over fences when running instead on the traditional vault.
  • Players can combine magazines to make full magazines.


  • Allow users to use keypad for code lock
  • Allow other users to access your house if they know the code

--- Sub-note: If this is implemented so others can access with the code, it is ESSENTIAL that you can change your code at any time to prevent people who betray you from reentering houses/strongholds.

  • Allow users to demolish their own house
    • That's possible with the excavator
  • Create an easy placement system for building the foundation. Possibly implement a translucent preview to allow the user to eaily place their house exactly where they please.
  • Allow users to place/build fences around their property.
    • That's already possible
  • Allow players to go into a "building-mode" there players can place the foundation or anything else exacly where they want (like in skate 3 building a park).
  • Add more customizable homes, allow players to add additional storage.
  • Allow players to combine houses to create a duplex or greater.
  • Allow camoflauge to be applied to buildings.


  • Create more lootable military buildings at barracks
  • Create More lootable Buildings in General
  • allow users to break a door of normal buildings to get in
  • Create a sewer system Under Sabina
  • allow anywhere a player visits to spawn loot even when a player is aproching by vehicle
  • Set spawn in player`s house
  • Allow players to protect their bases with traps, maybe add road blocks or spikes to harm vehicles. They could also use satchel charges to create some form of mine.
  • Allow the creation of Spike pits you just need an entrenching tool, hatchet and 3 wood piles making a trench, the width of sandbags, with wooden stakes at the bottom. 


  • Create Harvestable Trees (Apple, Cherry etc...)
  • Create planable seeds for food (wheat for Bread, Bean :D )
  • Allow players to dig up trees or bushes to hide their structures. Perhaps an entrenching tool or shovel could be used? Trees could take up 10 slots in an inventory and bushes could use 6.
  • Make fires do damage to players who stand in it.

Server SettingsEdit

  • When a server reset rolls around leave "Tank Traps" and other man-made barracades standing <---(Yes, Please do that)