The UAZ (DShKM) is an excellent vehicle that can go as fast as 95 KM/H on-road and has been able to go nearly 55 KM/H off-road. It has an excellent amound of gear and can hold three people, one driver, one gunner, and one passenger. Its most noticable feature is the DShKM mounted on top of it. The DShKM is an incredibly powerful 12.7x108MM caliber machine gun with 50-round belts. It has been known to shoot down helicopters and puncture the scrap APC's armor. These UAZs were found on rooftops in Salvation City, and are extremely accurate, powerful and deadly. They were replaced by the Sector MG's (M2's on tripods)


  • Itemslots: 150
  • Weaponslots: 20
  • Backpackslots: 7
  • On Road: 95KM/H
  • Off Road 55KM/H
  • Fuel capacity: 100 l